Uncle Calle

Uncle Calle

Keep your horse close

My father was a steeple chase jockey, horses were his life. The way he could communicate with a horse has always been a bit like magic to me. He always told me "Don't disturb the horse, just keep your balance".


A few years back I started making silhouette drawings from photos of my father as a jockey. During my search for more pictures in the attic of our family house I found a box filled with small pieces of paper. On each piece of paper there were small drawings of horses.

These pictures were drawn by my grandfather’s brother, who also was a successful steeple chase jockey. His big time as a jockey was in the 1920´s.


I could see that the pieces of paper were cut out from notebooks, schoolbooks and other things like a paper napkin or anything he could draw on. It seems like he was drawing all the time and everywhere.


I have always heard stories about this Uncle Calle, who did some funny and crazy things in his life. Once he went to a royal ball dressed as a woman. He simply helped his friend whose date for the ball had cancelled. He even got asked to dance by the King, but I guess that the King knew all about it and also had a lot of humor.


In the village near the family house, Hylinge, the romour has it that Uncle Calle went riding during the summers without his shirt. Riding ”naked” was not an appropriated thing to do in the 1920's, but he just couldn’t care less.


I felt I had to make something out of these small drawings and tell the story of this man with so many talents and great personality.

Horses are such beautiful animals and together with the fashion of the 1920’s it becomes even more beautiful.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.



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Uncle Calle

Uncle Calle

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